'Eric is a wicked designer.  He pushes people to their creative limits - but in a good way.'

~ Erich Drazen (photographer)

ALERT: Portfolio work is not uploaded as of 7/26/18 - Please contact for samples or go to http://artofevincent.wordpress.com for older samples.

My professional and personal body of work spans across two decades and a wide range of industries from B2C, B2B and B2G I have been designing, creating and executing for quite a long time.


I was once told that art is the act of creating and design is the act of composing the pieces of art, I believe this to be true and I believe one cannot exist without the other.


Warhol, Rauschenberg, and Lichtenstein among many others validated the creations of the artists who's work adorned our advertising outlets, graced our grocery store shelves, and swaddled our favourite flavours of the day in beautifully composed packaging.  These artists who began branding before branding was a thing are who inspire me today.


While I'm always looking at the fast and loud design first, I am not incapable of toning it down to meet a client need.  Take the history page of this site... pretty basic and to the point, and when I say I've seen and done it all (almost) I have. And I'll continue to do more.


Portolio Links will be active soon, for now please visit my old wordpress site.

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