Eric understands the balance and difference between awesome ideas and ideas that actually work. ~ Connor Wean, Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Early Years

My early career in art started in high school, like most art driven students. I was part of art club (that didn't last long), took the Graphic Design shop, which was PRE-COMPUTER at the time. I did cheap logos and layout for people looking to save a buck, had to hustle.


In the late 80s - early 90s I worked for an SBA Lender reviewing business plans for errors, typos, and even plagiarism. I reviewed presentations, page counts & lots of other grunt work. I operated copy machines, mimeograph machines and binding machines to help prepare plans for submission.


Later I worked as a layout artist for an adult video company. Layout  & design for packaging, catalogs for resellers, one sheets, leaflets, and other marketing material.


I was also working for a small publishing company developing concepts for comics and toys. It was a small start up that saw some limited print and product development but never got off the ground, they were trying to capitalize on the TMNT craze. I bailed when one of my paychecks bounced.

Fine Arts

By the mid nineties I was working two jobs. Full time in commercial real estate and business financing and part time in graphic design. I worked for a real estate company doing layout out designs for leaflets, brochures and sales/presentations kits by night, while processing commercial real estate loans by day. This led to a business development company that built and developed business plans for start-ups, developers and franchisers. These were early to mid stage companies looking for funding from various banks, investment banking firms, and investors. I created and developed business plans for these various entities, from the type to the graphics, presentations, slide shows and marketing collateral. As well as brand development and graphics for their websites - websites in the 90s were horrid, and I am guilty of being connected with that era. Eventually I found my freelance career taking off and by the early 2000s, I was taking on everything from vinyl signs to custom panting, book covers & more.
Mid Years

Illustration and Typography

Later Years
By 2007 I had already done book covers, comic books, created brands, marketing collateral, advertising and anything you can put a pencil or software to. I couldn't keep up with the things I knew how to do and the things I still needed to learn - technology was evolving fast. I gave up on HTML and XML, focused on design softwares, brand concepts. marketing, art and so on. I added to my arsenal of tools with photography and airbrushing, and landed freelance work with various brands and house hold names. In 2013 I signed on to work with William Shatner on his pet project Man-O-War. I'd already worked with LG on concept design, Budweiser on their Bud Light music project, the Royal Patagonia Society on creating their anniversary postal stamps (I never did find out if they went into circulation), and so much more, so having an opportunity to work with a film legend was absolutely on my bucket list. During that run I also made connections with Marshall Amplification, Godin Guitars and Black Ink Creative Partners, as well as worked on various federal and state projects across the country.

Digital Design & Illustration

I was once asked what I want to do when I retire? I have no idea what retirement is. Art and Design are part of my DNA, artists and designers don't retire, they just find new places and people to do work for, whether it be for private commissions or for large corporations, we just don't have an expiration date. Me personally, I will continue to build on my experience, knowledge base and skills. Artists know if you don't keep sketching you get a bit stiff, so I will keep sketching. As for long term commitments, when the golden contract shows up at my door, the one that gives me everything I seek in my industry and pays me to do me, then maybe I'll settle down, until then I will keep at learning, growing, experiencing all I can in the world of art and design. I'm passionate about it all. I love art and design, I love branding, signage, marketing collateral, illustration, painting, social media, user experience and interface. I love street art, custom designs, tattoos, museums, creating and the creative process. The saying is: If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. I have yet to work a day.
Now & Forward

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